Personnel Administration

Personnel Administration

Personnel administration is another term for a human resources (HR) job. Duties of a personnel administrator include hiring and training employees, carrying out evaluations and handling employee grievances.

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Personnel Administration is working with or supporting human resources to transform them into resourceful humans able to facilitate attainment of personal, group, and organisational practical outcomes. Thus Personnel Administration is not all about people management or human resources as an end in and of itself. Rather it is about managing people to manage other resources to attain the objectives of an organisation, project, or scheme.

Personnel administration consists of many individual pieces of information, which are stored, updated and managed for each employee in HR system.

To manage personnel data related to tasks in HR system, you need Personnel Administration. There are various Infotypes that can be used for Personnel Administration.

Personnel administration is that part of administration which is concerned with people at work and with their relationships within an organization. It refers t o the entire spectrum of an organization’s interaction with its human resources from the recruitment activity to retirement process. It involves personnel planning and forecasting, appraising human performance, selection & staffing, training, development & maintenance and improvement of performance and productivity.

Personnel Administration Benefits

  • Efficiently tracks, maintains and reviews employee personal and HR data.
  • Quickly and accurately processes new employees.
  • Administers wage and salary policies, tracks and maintains compensation data.
  • Reduce expensive manual processes and eliminate the need to purchase or maintain expensive in-house systems.
  • Reduce labor costs.
  • Eliminate capital expenditures.
  • Eliminate infrastructure costs.

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