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5 Most Needed Skills to Succeed in the Workplace

As our world is rapidly changing nowadays, so does the world of work which can make you feel like you will never catch up. Adapting to the changing work environment is a must to succeed in your career journey and be able to achieve your goals, success in the workplace requires some skills, but what are the most needed skills

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5 Essential Tips to Boost your LinkedIn Profile

Building a personal brand on LinkedIn nowadays is getting more and more important, selling yourself makes you more visible to recruiters and opens the door for big opportunities in your career journey. That is why we need to invest time in marketing ourselves and building a strong personal brand. The LinkedIn profile page is the foundation for your personal branding

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Effective Tips to be a Better Leader

How you define a good leader? A good leader is positive, empowering, assertive, encouraging and inspiring. Good leaders value their subordinates and empower them to get the best out of them and let them explore their potentials, so what can you do to be a better and more efficient leader? Understand your strength, weakness and leadership style Accurately assess your

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