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Difficult employees are a problem that faces every manager during his career path, difficult employees are the ones who have negative attitudes, a tendency to cause problems and violate policies and rules. Despite their skills, experience and knowledge, they represent a danger alert on any company’s success. That’s why every employee must understand the know-how and strategies to follow when working with difficult employees.

Understand the Full Situation

Try to dig deeper and know why such employees deal that way, try to find out the reasons behind negative attitudes and unacceptable behaviors, ask about their workload, seek to understand the situation before imposing certain punishment or accusations. Many individuals are often unaware of how their behavior impacts others so understand them and let them know the impact they leave on the company and colleagues.

Take Care of Your Behavior

When dealing with employees, always focus on your own behavior and attitude in the first place, as your tone, word choice, and body language will set the stage for the conversation that will follow, keep a calm tone of voice, neutral body language and facial expressions to put your employees at ease and allow them to share common attitude as well. This is one of the most effective strategies when working with difficult employees.

Involve HR Team

Human Resources department members are experts in dealing with problematic employees, when needed you might consider involving them, taking their advice regarding how to deal with employees, the best solution in the case of difficult employees, company’s code of ethics, possible punishment for those employees according to the labor law and company’s policies and procedures.

Be Open to Feedback

When dealing with problematic employees, managers have to be open to feedback, this could be about management style, workload, or any other problem an employee may have with the organization. Managers should use active listening to make sure employees understand what they’re saying, creating a safe space where employees can freely express their opinions and problems. This strategy is one of the most important strategies when working with difficult employees.

To sum up, dealing with difficult employees can be a headache and a challenge for every manager, as their behavior drains energy, saps team’s morale, and destroys productivity, that’s why managers must know how to deal with difficult employees efficiently and effectively.

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