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5 Morning Habits to Be More Active

Do you ever feel that you are running out of energy, that you are not able to get out of bed? It is a feeling that almost all of us feels from time to time, what you actually need is a morning routine and some habits that will help you be more active in the morning. Follow a Sleep Routine

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5 top skills for fresh graduates that recruiters are looking for

New graduate and saying hello to the career-building world? You definitely need to know the rules of the game, to be familiar with the tips and tricks you need to market yourself and increase your chances to get a job. The important question is what skills that recruiters are looking for to hire fresh graduates? Business Acumen Among the top

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5 Golden Tips for Personal Branding

Creating a personal brand is a daunting task that can get you lost in the way seeking how to build a strong personal brand. In today’s evolving business world and job market, it is necessary to stand out and distinguish yourself whether when you start a business or when you apply to a job. But the question is how to

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5 wrong habits that drain your performance during Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan is the month of spirituality and healing for the mind, body, and soul. This month is not just about fasting and praying, but also about work. when it comes to work, there are several habits associated with the month that we need to stop doing or at least to adjust it to keep our work

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How Can Active Listening Improve Work Performance?

There is a huge communication gap that usually occurs between what someone is trying to say and what the receiver actually listens, that is because of passive listening, that occurs when you simply listen to what someone says and get out your points while active listening can make employees more productive as through active listening one brings all his attention

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4 Must-Know Strategies when Working with Difficult Employees

Difficult employees are a problem that faces every manager during his career path, difficult employees are the ones who have negative attitudes, a tendency to cause problems and violate policies and rules. Despite their skills, experience and knowledge, they represent a danger alert on any company’s success. That’s why every employee must understand the know-how and strategies to follow when

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5 ways to create a culture of innovation in the workplace

In today’s business world, “innovation” is more than just a word, it is a need and necessity for any business to keep achieving success. Embedding innovation in the corporate culture is an important act that managers and leaders need to take into consideration to deal with crisis, solve problems, stay in the competition and boost employees’ productivity and efficiency. But

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Most important leadership traits that managers need to have in 2023

Efficient managers have a vital role in keeping employees effective, engaged and productive, being a good manager requires a set of qualities and skills as great managers should be great leaders too in order to keep their team members motivated and effective and get the best out of them, the question is; what are the most important leadership traits that

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5 ways to better support your customers

Customers along with employees are the main assets for a successful business, making customers happy and satisfied is a basic requirement for a stable hassle free business, on the other hand, ignoring customer satisfaction will cost your business a lot, as low satisfaction levels means that your customers retention and loyalty will be low too which will give some negative

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