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Client Representative

The Client Representative ensures that the Client’s needs are interpreted correctly and subsequently transmitted to the Design/Construction team for action, also acts as an overall Cost Controller of all cost elements of a project

Client Representative

Our aim is to anticipate and proactively meet the project’s evolving needs and our clients’ expectations.

The benefits of the early appointment of a Client’s Representative are:

  • Efficient management of pre-construction will save you time and money.
  • The engineering process and the allocation of the project budget effectively will be coordinated by unbiased and experienced professionals.
  • Any additional specialist consultants that should be brought, will be identified and appointed in a timely manner, thereby minimizing costly “afterthoughts”.
  • The project development and delivery process can be removed from the client’s shoulders – thereby enabling the client to pursue other opportunities.
  • And, most importantly, potentially expensive mistakes can be avoided.
  • Representation of the Client for the duration of the Project.
  • Management and organization of all related work within the scope executed by the main contractors and consultants.

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