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Procurement Outsourcing

EgyBell is happy to say that our experts at Financials Procurement are well experienced and specialized in the field.

Benefits of Procurement Outsourcing with Us:

EgyBell makes use of up to date methods and efficient software through which we concentrate on helping our clients in the scouting process and support in regular RFPs processes.

That is, we have the ability to locate suppliers in any corner of the world, and we filter them according to the requirements of each client. Depending upon the budget of the company, and its resources, we will locate the best suppliers and negotiate the price with them.

It will make your business flourish as we always take renowned and reliable suppliers on board. We also execute fast indirect purchasing processes in non-critical processes for the company.

One of our strengths is having Product Engineers within the team, which helps us in reliable purchasing of special equipment. The team of experts will analyze everything closely and won’t let you down for the quality of products that they will purchase.

We have products and solutions that fit your needs*

What is Procurement BPO?

Procurement BPO enables companies and organizations to align their business processes better and improve operational efficiencies. It also helps them to reduce operational cost and enhance supply chain management.

Procurement Outsourcing Service Providers:

EgyBell offer an exceptional service for procurement outsourcing, we are specialized and ready to manage all of your procurement activities.  

You can outsource your specific procurement activities such as; sourcing, financial management, transaction management, buying and purchasing and in some cases, all of them.

Together this leads to measurable cost reduction and tangible savings. While cost reduction is the main justified reason, there are other benefits as well, such as the ability to use internal resources for core processes.

Companies have the option of outsourcing only their non-core expenses and processes, as they are less critical to the manufacturing and production of final goods.

This covers the following areas: Marketing, IT, Telecommunications, Logistics, Transportation, General and Professional Services, MRO, Travel, Packaging, etc.

EgyBell is happy to say that our experts at Financials Procurement are well experienced and specialized in the field. Their years of experience will assist you in getting a reliable purchasing process for your business.

EgyBell Procurement Enhancement Plan:

Definition:  Is the art dealing with the sourcing activities, negotiation and strategic selection of goods and services.

Functions: Procurement Department supports need identification, processing to the market acquires supplies and services, issuing purchase orders, develops term contracts.

Procurement Principles: Transparency, integrity, economy effectiveness -TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), competition and accountability.

Why do you need Procurement: Procurement delivers greater benefits than it costs, and it helps business and government better manage business decisions, its value can be demonstrated in a simple business equation and return outweighing investment.

EgyBell’s Procurement Pillars:

Value for Money – Open and effective competition – Ethics & Fair Dealing – Accountability & reporting.

Initiating an Assessment

To learn more about our Procurement Outsourcing services, please contact us by email at or by phone at +2010 000 36 63

Project management for procurement Major Processes:

Planning:  Internal part where we define the need, time plan and resources –Specification – Supplier Selection process – Supplier Contracting Phase – Execution: External part where we execute pre-defined aspects – Contract management – Delivery – Good’s receipt and payment (P2P)

EgyBell Proposed Enhancement Procurement Plan

  • I -Category strategy collaboration and operational implementation of strategies.
  • II – Sourcing Activity and Contract Negotiation for spend categories.
  • III – Supplier Relationship Management.
  • IV – Client Engagement and Customer Relationship Management.
  • V – Business processes and compliance.
  • VI – Reporting.
  • VII – Saving Target.

What EgyBell’s complete procurement outsourcing services can guarantee to you:

Deliver durable cost savings:

Achieve cost savings across pricing, consumption and inventory while identifying new opportunities to reinvest these savings across the business.

Improve compliance and mitigate risk:

Protect the enterprise by working with qualified, responsible suppliers and make the experience with procurement easy, so people want to do it.

Make better business decisions:

Go beyond managing spend to unleashing real-time insights and intelligence to make more informed decisions and connect all enterprise functions—multiplying value while lowering risk. ​

Build a responsible future:

Thread sustainability into procurement activities—ensuring a responsible supply chain, designing for circularity and supporting net-zero operations—in line with cost and business needs.

Be ready for what’s next with EgyBell Procurement Outsourcing:

Use end-to-end visibility of data insights to develop and deliver your long-term vision for procurement, continually innovating across people, process and technology to stay ahead of change.