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Energy Consumption

Energy Management: Maximize efficiency, maximize opportunity

Energy Consumption

From audits to innovation – understanding specifics, Effective energy management begins with rigorous measurement.

Energy Consumption

From audits to innovation – understanding specifics, Effective energy management begins with rigorous measurement.

EgyBell Energy Audits measure performance and benchmark utilities while evaluating the availability and reliability of energy supply. Each industry, like each company, comes with a set of specific assets, requirements and culture that all need to be examined during the audit phase.

Energy Consumption Plan…

A significant increase in electricity tariff is expected over the next few years with a growth rate of the demand 7.1%.  Accordingly, it becomes crucial for any premises clients or operators to determine the most cost-effective energy efficiency measures suitable for Egyptian market.

Therefore; we are preforming engineering analysis to determine the effectiveness of the operational systems in the building to figure out the potential approaches for reducing electrical energy consumption. 

Cooling System, Lighting Power Densities (LPD), Energy Input Ratios (EIR), Set point Temperatures (SPT) and HVAC systems.

EgyBell helps clients formulate the most cost-effective, engaging energy efficiency strategies and deliver programs using proprietary analytics, innovative technology platforms, a dedicated customer service center, and world-class marketing.

Promoting energy efficiency among our customers

Establish energy efficient practices.

Energy Consumption

Our intensive and diversified experience will enable the Companies / Hotels / Factories / Commercial building operators to achieve a considerable reduction in energy consumption based on the systems characteristics.
Necessary steps will be taken to provide adequate, reliable and cost-effective utilities infrastructure to meet the needs of present and planned future buildings and facilities.

Energy usage will be monitored on a daily basis and relevant reports prepared on a monthly basis.

Institute buildings and facilities will be operated in the most energy efficient manner without diminishing the quality of the systems.

Cost-effective renewable and non-depleting energy sources will be considered, wherever possible, both in new construction projects and in existing buildings and facilities. Load shifting technologies will also be considered.

As the utility marketplace and customer expectations change rapidly, we have the foresight and agility to partner with our clients to more actively drive customer solutions and innovations.

The utility plant and utilities infrastructure improvements will be maintained in good working order and preventive maintenance schedules will be followed to maintain the highest possible system efficiencies and, hence, lowest operating costs.

EgyBell is offering a deep visibility study and Business case to reduce the Companies / Hotels / Factories / Commercial building – energy consumption with clear commitment for our clients.

Initiating an Assessment

To learn more about our Energy Consumption services, please contact us by email at or by phone at +2010 000 36 63