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Headhunters are simply defined people who act as a middleman between a potential candidate and an employer, headhunters can be a job seeker’s best friend, but the question is how to make yourself noticeable to headhunters? How to get headhunters to find you?

Make yourself a presence

Nowadays, no one can ever deny the importance of being a part of a social network, social networking sites give you a chance to be seen and to share your skills, ideas and opinions. Some social networking sites like LinkedIn are more dedicated to help job seekers find a job and headhunters find suitable candidates, first you have to perfect your LinkedIn profile, add the industries and jobs you are interested in and change your status to “Open to Work” so headhunters can easily know you are open to new job offers.

Add Spices to your LinkedIn profile

Once you have perfected your LinkedIn profile, it’s time to make it a target for headhunters. Try adding some keywords to your profile, keywords that reflect the skills, experience and competencies that headhunters may be searching for in your area of interest. Also, keep your profile updated with any new skills, experience, titles, promotions or responsibilities. These spices can help you to approach headhunters.

Check your Surroundings

Look around you and try to search for the right headhunter in your area of interest. For example, if you want to work for a specific company, you can use LinkedIn or other tools to try to find recruiters working in that company and you can communicate with them. reaching out to headhunters can increase your chance of being noticed even if you didn’t find a suitable job or receive a good job offer, building a connection with headhunters can help them keep you in mind when a suitable chance comes around.

Practice and be Patient

Just because you aren’t reached by headhunters doesn’t mean you have failed, keep working on improving your LinkedIn profile and updating it regularly, be patient, persistent and take initiative, make use of your connections and keep in touch with them. Even if it takes time, your efforts will pay off at the end and you will increase your chances to get headhunters to find you a job.

To sum up, headhunters can be of great help for job seekers, they are a great resource for finding a job, so working on building your personal brand, marketing yourself, your skills and experience and working on building a remarkable and LinkedIn profile will boost your chances of being noticed, put you on the list of headhunters and eases the task of headhunters to find you.

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