Labor Disputes

Labor Disputes

Having international workers allows the organization to be connected to other country markets as well. Trans-nationalism is when an immigrant has assimilated into the new country, culture, also bears allegiance and connections to their country of origin. Using this to an organization’s advantage is necessary especially if they decide to expand abroad or just to do business with other countries. They get to know the best places to get resources and how to approach different countries through being taught business norms and culture by international employees. Basically, they are the connection between you and the world.


We provide a discussion of the rules relating to the duration and termination of Egyptian employment contracts as well as other matters such as working time, annual leave, special conditions for female / male employees provide a discussion of how outsourcing scenarios can be approached under the current Egyptian employment laws.

International Employee Benefits

  • Multi-jurisdictional advice on all aspects of employee benefits.
  • Designing and implementing multi-jurisdictional share options plans.
  • Advice on the filing and reporting requirements, taxation and ongoing compliance associated with employee benefit plans.
  • Advice in relation to internationally mobile employees while establishing tax efficient offshore equity warehousing structures.

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