Solving Compliances

Solving Compliances

Your employees are aware of behaviors or activities that put your organization in a position of vulnerability, but without confidential, anonymous and trustworthy means, employees may not come forward with that knowledge, leaving you in the dark

Your success in pre-empting and managing risk often depends on the feedback from employees who are aware of non-compliant and unethical behaviors. Not only do our vulnerability studies help you to reduce risk, but they also help you promote a culture of compliance and rewarding ethical behavior.

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We provide you with the help you need to handle employee relations issues, internal workplace investigations, manager and employee training and Human Resources Legal Compliance.

Solving Compliances Benefits

  • We cover hiring, pay process, benefits, personnel files, employment, and termination compliance.
  • Follow-up visits every month / quarterly to keep you risk-free in the face of ever-changing compliance laws.
  • A customized legal training session covering the law appropriate for your size business.
  • Consulting time with a compliance expert.

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