Tips to Becoming a Better Manager


Becoming a better manager isn’t something that magically happens overnight, it’s a process that occurs by implementing simple tips and changing your current habits. It is important to remember that every industry and company has different management styles but these general tips can help improve daily interactions and relationships between employees and managers.

  1. Get to know your employees and what they want. Take the time to get to know them both on a personal level and a professional level. Know their career goals but also know their personal interests and passions.
  2. Communicate. Try to be forthcoming with your team. Let them know pertinent information and realize the effects that lack of communication can have on your staff.
  3. Listen to your employees as much as possible. If an employee comes to you with an idea or concern, try to make time and give your full attention to the issue.
  4. Be a motivator. Encourage employees to work hard and give them good reason to work hard.
  5. Be a leader, not just a manager. Provide a clear direction and goal for your team, show them how to achieve success in your organization.
  6. Improve yourself. While it’s important to improve your team, don’t forget about yourself. Examine your weaknesses and work on improving them everyday.
  7. Acknowledge success. Try and see the positives in your employees and their work. Don’t focus on what’s missing or what your team isn’t doing but rather on their successes and hard work.
  8. Be human. Just because you are a manager does not mean you are superhuman. Admit your mistakes, ask for help when needed and let your team see that you’re just as human as they are.
  9. It’s okay to be friends with your employees. Just because you are a manager does not mean you have to be cold and unfriendly. While it is important your staff knows you are the authority, chat with them, have fun with them and make your organization a great place to be.
  10. Lead by example. Make sure you operate with integrity and ethics in the workplace. Act the way that you would like your staff to act.

Although this list could be numbered to 100, these are ten seemingly obvious but very important ways that you can improve not only yourself but your employees and your business.

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