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As an employer, keeping your employees satisfied, motivated and valued is a top priority to give your business a push forward. Driving equality and open communication is a must to increase employees’ sense of belonging to the workplace and get the best out of them.

Have Open Communication

Work on creating an open dialogue, motivate your employees to speak up and freely share their ideas, thoughts, recommendations and criticism, allow them to bring up any issues or difficulties that they face and be open to their feedback, this in turn can help employees feel accepted, supported and increase their sense of belonging to the workplace.

Appreciation and Recognition Can Help

Empower your employees, show appreciation and recognition, give motivation and support, let your employees feel that you care and are grateful that they are working for you. show your workers that they matter to the company, regardless of their differences.

Check in with your Employees Personally & Professionally

Keep a sense of friendship with your employees, Check in with your employees on the personal and professional levels. Ask them how they are doing, whether they are facing any problems and listen carefully to their answers. In that way your employees can feel more valued and seen, which in turn can increase their sense of belonging and inclusion in the workplace.

Build a Positive Corporate Culture

Work on building a positive corporate culture where you employees can easily and freely express themselves, have flexible policies and procedures that work for your company’s objectives but also stands for your employees’ well being and satisfaction. It’s a great way to show that you trust and value your employees which increases their sense of belonging to the workplace as well.

To sum up, as an employer you need to invest in increasing your employees’ sense of belonging to the workplace, as employees who have a sense of belonging and inclusion in the workplace are more likely to contribute to their full potential. High belonging can in return increase performance and reduce turnover risks.

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