Ways on How to Show Your Employees Appreciation


1. Allow them to give and receive props.

Members of a team should be allowed to show appreciation for each other regularly during meetings. A badge of honor should be given to the staff member the team feels performed better than usual during the week. This creates an atmosphere of teamwork, respect and appreciation. Members who may not be exceptional performers can be appreciated for their improved efforts on the team. This will encourage everyone to put more effort into their work and relate better to everyone.

2. Give time off.

Allow employees who perform well to have some time off (in addition to their regularly allotted PTO), affording them greater work-life balance. They could spend this time with family or pursuing their hobbies.

“I think the most valuable way to recognize an employee today is through time – that is, time off, time to do something else besides work,” said Mark Valenti, president and CEO of The Sextant Group. “It could be family, a hobby, a charity or a short vacation. I don’t think it needs to be routine or regular, and [it] has the most value when it’s unexpected.”

3. Encourage feedback.

Employees feel valued in an environment where their views are heard. Your company should have open channels to give feedback. Install suggestion boxes where employees can provide feedback anonymously. You could also encourage them to fill out questionnaires on what they feel needs to improve in the organization. They should be allowed to address how your company’s management is handling their issues.

4. Use a corporate gamification system.

Some platforms allow employees to earn points when they complete tasks. You can use an online portal that shows how many points each person in the company has earned. Points can then be redeemed for prizes such as gifts, cash awards, vacation time or work-from-home days. Show appreciation for your employees in ways that are meaningful to them.

5. Feed your employees.

It is difficult to concentrate on work or accomplish manual tasks when hungry, so regularly feed your employees. Provide snacks and tea during breaks. Feeding your employees not only makes them work harder but makes them feel appreciated.

6. Recognize work anniversaries and birthdays.

Send cards to your employees on their birthdays. Give them shoutouts on their anniversaries of employment with your company. Have awards for milestones in years with the company, such as five years,10 years or 20 years.

7. Provide opportunities for career advancement.

Promote staff who perform well, giving them chances to lead special committees and attend professional association meetings. They can also represent the organization at philanthropic events and display their talents. While promotions may not always come with huge salary raises, the recognition for good performance encourages employees to put in extra effort.

8. Create a fun tradition.

Start traditions in your company that your staff can look forward to. For example, you could have a gift-giving day for employees to show appreciation for each other, or a day for wearing a specific kind of attire or celebrating different cultures. You could also start treat days or other traditions leading up to the holidays around the end of the year.

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