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Delegation, like learning to ride a bike for the first time or riding your first rollercoaster at a theme park, requires managers to relinquish some control. This might be a frightening idea if you’re a fastidious person who likes things to be “exactly so,” or a cautious manager who wants to impress top executives.

Right Employee Assignments.

This may be more difficult in smaller, fast-paced firms, but top managers are able to pick employees who are most suited to the work based on their abilities, stage of growth, and interests. Employees are also aided by clear information on schedule, budget, and context, as well as established communication and update expectations.

Employee Preparation is VITAL.

Despite the fact that time is tight, excellent managers generally take a few minutes to map out the work, what it entails, and what the desired output is.

Openly Communicate with Employees.

While our first reaction to criticism may be defensive, it’s critical to be able to detect constructive criticism and respond with a positive attitude. Rather of scoffing, take the time to listen and see if the other person’s views are valid. You will be able to extract the things that will help you improve if you are genuinely honest with yourself.

As with most managerial responsibilities, two-way communication is essential. Many outstanding managers don’t abandon their employees after delegating duties. Instead, they communicate with their teammate on a regular basis about the progress of the deliverable and the delivery schedule so that there are no shocks at the last minute.

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