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Many of us understand the importance of increasing our self-esteem. When we have higher self-esteem, we not only feel better about ourselves, but we are also more robust. According to brain scan research, when our self-esteem is strong, we are more likely to perceive typical emotional wounds like rejection and failure as less painful and recover faster.

Use Positive Affirmations… the right way.

Positive affirmations like “I’m going to be a huge success!” are highly popular, but they have one major flaw: they make individuals who have poor self-worth feel even worse. Why? Because such pronouncements run counter to our current ideas when our self-esteem is low.

Develop your competencies after identifying them.

Demonstrating actual skill and accomplishment in areas of our life that matter to us builds self-esteem. Throw more dinner parties if you consider yourself an excellent cook. Sign up for races and train for them if you’re a strong runner.

Don’t resist compliments. accept them.

One of the most difficult parts of increasing self-esteem is that when we are unhappy with ourselves, we are more resistant to praises – even when we need them the most. So, even if praises make you uncomfortable, make it a point to endure them when you receive them (and they will).

Improving self-esteem takes some effort since it entails adopting and sustaining healthy emotional habits, but doing so, and doing it effectively, will pay off in terms of emotional and psychological benefits.

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