Ways to Lead by Example in the Workplace


As a manager, the team looks to you to lead by example, show guidance and strength and inspire those around you. If you expect your team to push forward to greatness, you must do the same.

5 Ways to Lead by Example

  1. Get down and dirty – As a manager, you can’t lead from the sidelines. You need to be involved in the work and know the ins and outs of the business. Working alongside your team helps build trust while expanding your own skills and knowledge.
  2. Listen to your team – With proper training, your team should be able to offer plenty of advice. Listen to them and get regular feedback. When applicable, use that feedback to improve processes or methods.
  3. Watch your words – Always be mindful of what you say and who is listening. Support all team members and give individual guidance in a private setting.
  4. Don’t micromanage your team – Once you’ve communicated the vision, value and goals, step back. You don’t need to control every aspect.
  5. Take responsibility for mistakes – Good leaders take responsibility for the team, even if it was their team member who made the mistake.

Proven leaders attract good job candidates and drive their team in performance, engagement and retention.

Employees typically receive most of their training from a manager, rather than formal training programs, so they seek out people they can respect and from whom they can learn.

People want to learn from leaders who take an interest in their development, who help them deepen their existing skills and learn new ones. Successful leaders find effective ways to build trust with their team and provide opportunities for them to excel and develop.

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