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To build a healthy and productive workplace, you need to build relationships with co-workers, colleagues and managers, to make effort to reach out and connect with others, but to get work done with the best results, this communication with others has to be effective. The question is what are the habits for effective communication in the workplace?

Be Fully Attentive

Avoid wondering around, looking at your phone or doing anything else. Giving your whole attention to others while communicating with them can get the best out of the communication process, deliver your message as intended and allow you to understand exactly the message you are receiving from the communication partner. Be mindful and offer a full focus by maintaining eye contact to allow for effective communication with your colleagues and in the workplace.

Inform and Clarify

Instead of just passing the information you need to communicate, focus on being clear and precise, clarify what you mean and explain your thoughts and ideas to have an effective communication, as giving information is only part of the process, explaining what you mean and what you need your audience to remember from the conversation or to do is the other essential part of the process.

Practice Active Listening

Active listening is a very important part of effective communication skills in business that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Instead of just sitting and receiving different messages from the speaker, you have to listen well, to make eye contact, to respond and comment on what the speaker is saying to better understand and receive information. these guidelines are among the most important habits for communication in the workplace.

Choose an appropriate Communication Method

An essential factor for effective communication is choosing an appropriate communication method to clearly communicate your message to the intended audience, will an email be better, a phone call, a WhatsApp message, a simple written note or face to face communication? Deciding on the appropriate method depends on the nature and the purpose of the message you need to communicate. Using the appropriate method is essential for effective communication in the workplace.

Confidence, Persuasiveness and Feedback

Being able to communicate doesn’t equal effective communication! By being patient, confident and persuasive you can communicate more effectively, taking care of your body language, tone of voice and your sense of self-worth can help you be more effective. As communication is a two-way process, seeking feedback from others is a must to make sure that your message is understood as intended and to get to know different opinions, thoughts and concerns which in turn result in effective communication in the workplace.

Communication is not easy but it’s worth it, lacking proper communication in the workplace can hinder your work and let you end up wasting a lot of time without getting results or finishing any projects. Following the 5 important habits mentioned above can help you increase the levels of effective communication in the workplace.

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